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The MDC is sole owner of any personal data collected on this site.  The information that you voluntarily provide via email or other direct contact is solely used for the purposes of delivering our e-newsletters or to fulfill your inquiry. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization (other than as necessary to fulfill a question or request).  Updated 6/2023


The MDC is a nonprofit, collaborative organization of property and business owners, volunteers, neighbors, and local leaders who work together to promote, cultivate, and care for Downtown Mooresville.  The MDC is a standalone 501c4 and is not an enforcement, government, or regulatory agency.  The organization exists to provide leadership and advocacy exclusively for the businesses located within the designated Downtown tax district limits.  The MDC has NO governing authority over individual businesses or property owners, nor over the Town of Mooresville (which is a separate entity from the MDC).


The MDC uses a variety of social media platforms and channels to publicly disseminate information about happenings in Downtown Mooresville.  We welcome honest and respectful interactions and family friendly language.

To keep our social media communities useful and safe for everyone we reserve the right to remove or hide content, posts, or comments which is at the sole discretion of the MDC:

  1. Are offensive, inappropriate, inflammatory, profane or antagonistic

  2. Are harassing, threatening, or could endanger the safety or well-being of others

  3. Are discriminatory, sexually explicit, abusive, vulgar or otherwise objectionable

  4. Contain inaccurate or misleading information

  5. Are politically motivated or have a blatant intent to defame the MDC or any business located within the MDC district

  6. Deliberately impersonate someone else or are found to be inauthentic or from a fake account

  7. Are meant to disrupt comment threads and/or are repeatedly off-topic for a discussion or post

  8. Continually promote businesses outside the MDC district for personal gain; propagandize on Downtown events, or attempt unauthorized sales of MDC ticketed events

  9. Violate restrictions as defined by each respective social media platform’s guidelines

Continual offenders WILL be blocked and reported.  All content posted on our social media pages is public, will be retained by the MDC, and may be forwarded to the relevant authorities.


Please be sure to adhere to the MDC policy to make sure this is a safe and meaningful place for all viewers, and we appreciate your cooperation and support in adhering to our guidelines and supporting Downtown Mooresville’s Small Businesses.  Updated 6/2023


Images, videos, and logos utilized throughout the site, on our social media, or in public communications are either property of the MDC or courtesy of our Downtown Mooresville businesses and may be subject to copyrights.  Updated 6/2023

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Check out some great tools below including how to get to Downtown Mooresville, where to park, downloadable resources, helpful community links and contact numbers.  Still need more?  Reach out and email us at or call us at 704-662-3336.  Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter too!  We look forward to seeing you Downtown.

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