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Welcome to the DTM District, where social is happening in Downtown Mooresville!  This specially zoned area, opening in mid-July, allows for alcoholic beverages, purchased from participating ABC permitted businesses to be carried within the designated area between the hours of Noon and 10pm, seven days a week.

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Beverages must be in specially marked cups, and be purchased only from approved/permitted businesses within the DTM District.  Zone boundaries will be clearly marked with signage; see below for the entrance and exit signs to look for and maps showing the boundaries of the Downtown Mooresville Social District.

Social District - Enter Signage
Social District - Exit Signage
Downtown Mooresville Social Service District


The North Carolina General Assembly passed Session Law 2021-150 in 2021 allowing cities to create “social districts” where individuals over 21 can buy an alcoholic beverage from licensed establishments (i.e. bars, breweries, restaurants) and consume to-go drinks within a designated common area and within participating businesses.  On May 16th, and with a follow-up approval on June 6th the Mooresville Town Board approved the creation of a Social District within Downtown Mooresville.


Beverages must be in marked cups, and businesses within the social district have the right to opt out of the district by not permitting alcohol in their establishment.  Please make sure that before entering any business that they have the marked decal designating approval of open containers inside their store.  Signs to look for:

Social District Logo Clings Allowances_Artboard 1.png
Social District Logo Clings Allowances-02.png
Social District Logo Clings Allowances-03.png


A person can only possess and consume alcoholic beverages purchased from an ABC permittee located in the social district.  A person cannot bring their own personal beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverage into the social district for consumption.


Any alcoholic beverages consumed in the social district must be consumed from a specially marked cup which is provided by the ABC permitted business.  In other words, a person cannot pour their wine or beer into a solo cup or any type of container other than the one meeting all the requirements for social districts.  Alcoholic beverages shall only be possessed and consumed in the social district during from Noon to 10pm, 7 days a week per the Town of Mooresville ordinance.

A person is required to dispose of any alcoholic beverage in the person's possession prior to exiting the social district.  In other words, if a person is leaving the social district area, they must pour out or throw away their alcohol. They also cannot take it with them into any other business that sells alcohol. They may only take their alcoholic drink into the establishment where they bought it or a participating business that does not sell alcohol.


  • Purchase your beverages ONLY from permitted businesses.  Please enjoy your beverages ONLY within the DTM Social District boundaries.


  • Be responsible for your behavior.  Follow all rules associated with DTM Social District.


  • When enjoying your beverages, please only enter businesses with signage that permits alcoholic beverages and stay within the DTM Social District.



  • Bring your own alcohol or bring/refill your own cups.


  • Take any alcoholic beverages outside of the designated DTM Social District zone. Boundaries are designated by signage and the maps found here.


  • Take any alcoholic beverage into another bar, restaurant, or other ABC licensed establishment. ​

Downtown Mooresville Social District Dos & Donts
  • Assume that every business located within the DTM Social District zone participates. Please check for appropriate signage.

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