APR. 7

MDC | Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting of the Mooresville Downtown Commission Board of Directors, Committee Members and volunteers. Social distancing observed; RSVP & masks required.  1pm, Charles Mack Citizens Center.


NOTE: Whether shopping, dining or attending a business event; businesses are operating in accordance with the regulations and restrictions that have been put into place for our health and safety.

158 ON MAIN | 158 N. Main Street | 704-662-6246

April 1 - Comedy Zone (Tickets Available*)

April 2 - Live music with Taylor Dean

April 3 - Live music with Simple Sole

April 7 - Music Bingo

April 8 - Live music with Dani Kerr

April 9 - Live music with Shelley Ruffin

April 10 - Live music with John Sullivan

April 14 - Music Bingo

April 15 - Live music with Savannah Harmon

April 16 - Live music with Those Meddling Kids

April 17 - Live music with Cold Play Tribute (Tickets Available*)

April 21 - Music Bingo

April 22 - Live music with Whiskeyman

April 23 - Live music with Roy Daye Jr.

April 24 - Live music with Josh & John

April 28 - Music Bingo

April 29 - Live music with - Danny Kensey

April 30 - Live music with Randy Paul

*as of April 1

202 NORTH MAIN FINE WINES, SPIRITS & MUSIC ROOM | 202 N. Main Street | 704-663-5445

April 2 - Live Music with “Melody & The Notes”, 8:30pm, no cover.

April 3 - Live Music with “Ryan, Bryan & Josh”, 8:30pm, no cover.

April 8 - Wine Tasting with Whitney Myers of Advintage, light appetizers, 7pm, $20/pp.

April 9 - Live Music with “Delta Fire”, 8:30pm, no cover.

April 10 - Live Music with “Main Channel Trio”, 8:30pm, no cover.

April 16 - Live Music with “Guitar Summit”, 8:30pm, no cover.

April 17 - Live Music with “The Sea & The Stars”, 8:30pm, no cover.

April 22 - Wine Tasting face-off Chalk Hill vs. Silverado, light appetizers, 7pm, $15/pp.

April 23 - Live Music with “KatKandu”, 8:30pm, no cover.

April 24 - Live Music “TBA”, 8:30pm, no cover.

April 30 - Live Music with “Unknown Artists Acoustic”, 8:30pm, no cover.

MOORESVILLE ARTS | 103 W. Center Ave. | 704-663-6661

April 16 - Join us for the SpringFest opening reception! Everyone welcome! Light refreshments will be served, 6-8pm

ON TAP CRAFTY BREWS | 188 N. Main Street | 704-660-BEER (2337)

Wednesday’s - $2 off draft + Run Club at 6pm

Thursday’s - Music Bingo, 7pm

Sunday’s - Half of Mimosas


Every month, every week, every day; we got it going on!  Downtown Mooresville has an endless array of entertaining events happening all the time.  Add in the awesome events going on in our local businesses, such as live music, open houses, free coffee for Veterans, summer camps, trivia and open mic nights, wine tastings, art exhibit receptions (just to name a few) and there is never a dull moment to be had.   Make sure to sign up for the Downtown Mooresville e-newsletter and follow us on Facebook to keep up with all the latest details.


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We are hopeful that we will be able to hold some of our events this year!  Visit our Signature Events Page for this year's tentative schedule (conditional upon COVID restrictions.

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